MARESI: Fine dairy products since 1955

MARESI stands for excellent products and a long tradition. It is one of the most famous Austrian brands and known for high quality and authenticity.

The brand MARESI was born in 1955. The name "MARESI" was conceived in a Viennese wine tavern in Grinzing when in 1955 a participant told that they had just invented long-life milk in Stainach in the Enns Valley, but still needed a name for it. "Maria Theresia," offered one of the others, "but as we call her in Vienna: Maresi."

And the new brand "MARESI" was born.

The 250g bottle with crown cork was the first product in the assortment and the blond-brawned milkmaid conquered the Austrian coffee tables in a flash.

Maresi Sennerin Qualitätsversprechen: Aus frischer Alpenmilch von österreichischen Bergbauern - Hergestellt in Österreich - Ohne Konservierungstoffe - Nach traditioneller Rezeptur

The creamiest iced coffee

classic cream cappuccino cream


MARESI iced coffee is particularly creamy and it really makes every break an enjoyable time out. The convenient and environmentally friendly iced coffee is made from best Austrian milk from the Alps, Arabica beans and fine cream.

Just enjoy the creamiest iced coffee.


MARESI classic cream offers an absolute classic recipe and is our most popular iced coffee. Classic Cream is made from best Austrian milk from the Alps, with fine cream and real Arabica beans. This variety is just the thing for lovers oft he so called Austrian „Großer Brauner“ - a big cup of coffee with delicate milk and milkfoam.

A real pleasure for in between!

Nutritional Information


MARESI classic cream offers coffee with more milk for even more enjoyment. This iced coffee variety is made out of best Arabica beans with plenty of delicious milk from the Alpes and fine cream. A perfect match of rich coffee flavor and creamy milk.

Treat yourself to a creamy break!

Nutritional Information

Nutritional Information

Nutrition Information (pro 100ml) classic cream cappuccino cream
Caloric value (kJ/kcal) 383/92 300/71
Fat (g) 4.7 2.5
of which saturated fatty acids (g) 3.0 1.6
Carbohydrates (g) 9.3 9.0
of which sugar (g) 9.2 8.9
Protein (g) 2.8 3.0
Salt (g) 0.23 0.19



Made from the best Austrian milk

MARESI Kaffeemilch Sorten

MARESI is the most popular coffee milk in Austria, made from the best Austrian milk from the Alps. It colors the coffee golden brown and ensures the typical MARESI coffee enjoyment. For the production of a 500g bottle of MARESI coffee milk 1 liter of fresh whole milk is needed. That's why it was once called "double milk". During production, fresh Austrian milkfrom the Alps is deprived of water by heating, which makes the milk stable, and ensure the MARESI coffee milk gets its typical, creamy consistency. MARESI Milch has been produced in Styrian Ennstal since 1955 and is available in three varieties - the original, light and organic.

All three varieties are pure natural products and do not contain preservatives or additives.

New: MARESI Fixmilch Instant

MARESI Fixmilch Instant

Also in the MARESI assortment: the so called Fixmilch. It is milk powder made from skimmed milk.For this, water and fat is gently removed from fresh milk and thus preserved.

The immediate solubility of the product is achieved by a special procedure. The practical storage at home or as a food for on the go, on vacation or camping is given by the uncooled shelf life of this Fixmilch product.

The possibilities of using Fixmilch are as varied as those of fresh milk.

Typisch MARESI. Was die alles kann!